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Sunset thoughts

Hi guys I am pretty new here on Fstoppers would love to here some thoughts of you for this one!
Tell me what you think about it.

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I really like the sky, but the lack of something to look at in the front is killing this picture for me, I think this picture if shot in one frame would be better off by focusing on the mid mountain instead of the sky. BTW: im also a new photographer and like the picture verry much :)

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Maybe there was something interesting at the bottom of the frame? More forest lines? Maybe vertical frame. I still like it.

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Thanks a lot i looked for some foreground interest but in this case i used a long telelens because there were some desturbing cars and a parking space in front of the scene, appreciate your feedback a lot :)

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I hate when that happens. :( The cars are the worst.

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It's not that the picture itself isn't visually pleasing, but it would be even better to me if there were a striking foreground interest.

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Thank you a lot for the feedback i will try to get some of your points integrated in my next photographs :)

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What telephoto did you use? You could zoom in on the mountain in the background, use the ridge as a leading line to the sunset. That is assuming you have a lens long enough.

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Wow thank you, did not think of that i think it could have been possible i used a 70-200 f4 and have not maxed it out i think. Thanks a lot i will go there again and try it! :)

I think it would have had more impact if the scene were darker with the highlights more emphasized. And there's too much of a disconnect between the orange drama of the sky and the grey blandness of the terrain. Has potential!

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I agree with what you are saying about the dark highlights. Would have made the picture pop out a little bit more.