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Trying to get my images into the community??

Hi all,
I really don't know how to get my images / work viewed by more people? Is it easy? and is it me?

Thanks Steve

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lovely image stephen.

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Hi Stephen. Here goes... I find that f stoppers isn't the kind of forum to collect 'likes' . Most people posting will post what they consider to be awesome images and then get disappointed when they get a critique from a member that thinks the image to be mediocre. Sometimes an image is so obviously a snapshot that you don't even know where to start critiquing it. In these cases you will see no comments and no likes - in other words the silence is deafening! You will also see a large number of members post no images at all. This is due to f stoppers being first and foremost an educational and industry news site and some members join purely for that. Having said that, there is a hard core section of really generous members in each group that put a lot of time and effort into viewing and commenting on other members images. I myself post images outside of my main genre. I would consider myself 'proficient' in wildlife photography but you won't find any of these images posted. I am trying to improve/learn other genres and so post those for members to critique. I therefore don't expect any oohs and aahs on my work so it is even more gratifying if I do get a compliment in a group that has so many amazing photographers in it. Hope this helps and see my critique on your image :) Regards Andrew

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Totally agree with Deleted User: you will not get a lot of feedback on the fstopper website and if you get any, it will mostly be directed towards what can be improved rather than flattering your ego.
Not the most encouraging community out there but at least you know what to stand for.

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+1 for Deleted User's comment. If you're looking for likes, sites like 500px are the way to go. The groups here tend to be a (sometimes harsh) classroom where comments you receive point out what needs to be improved.

Your profile page should only contain your "best of the best." Sometimes you'll get a vote, sometimes you won't. The FStoppers 5 star system is a good way to figure out how "the pros" judge your portfolio.

Beautiful image, btw! The touch of warmer light on the farthest rocks is a nice contract to the cool blue of the sky and rocks in the foreground.

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OK - this is an amazing piece of art. Bearing in mind I am way off being able to produce something like this, I do have the following comments. This would be a composite of two images- the sky perhaps even from a completely different part of the world? As a piece of digital art it has been expertly executed and I love it. Is it a 'photograph'? For me the rocks have been over processed for my taste but that would be the photographers view rather than an appreciative view of what is obviously a beautiful piece of work.

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Steve, I think you nailed it!!! Excellent. Anyone can say something good or bad, but I just like looking at it.