Tree in the Cornfield at Sunset

I was heading out for dinner the other night and noticed these pretty cool layered clouds. There was a dark lower layer and a bright upper layer of a very similar type of clouds. This tree is right near my house so I have shot it often and keep coming back when I see something interesting in the sky or with the weather. Does anyone else have one of these go-to scenes that they've shot many times?

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Rex Jones's picture

Beautiful shot! I love it! I have a small handful of go-to places near me that I shoot, similar to you. :)

That's really cool! It's fun going back to a spot and getting different looks and playing with gear, etc,...

Andres Puiggros's picture

This just make me feel kind of envy..... my closest place is like a couple of hours driving.... or maybe I have not find it. Great image by the way!!

keep looking! It's there! :)