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Stormy Weather over Manhattan

I was able to capture the storm clouds as they rolled over Manhattan yesterday from my office. I did three bracketed shots and merged them together in Lightroom. Looking for some feedback. I am happy with the results but feel there is always something I may be missing that can make the shot even better. Let me know.


Phil Blair

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Maximilian Sulzer's picture

Nice mood, definitely a good catch .Maybe you can fix the reflections and the distortion on the Empire State building somehow? It seems to be leaning to the right.

I'm not sure which options you have in terms of composition, for next time maybe. The composition could be shifted left a bit, as the building on the right doesn't really add somethings for me and the sky scraper could be a bit more central.

Phil Blair's picture

Thanks for the feedback. This is very helpful.

Anonymous's picture

I dont want to make some advertisement here, anyway the company is bankrupt, but they have an excellent tool to fix falling buildings.


Phil Blair's picture

Thanks. I think the angle of the empire state was how I was holding the camera when I shot the image. I could probably adjust that in Lightroom too.

Douglas Neese's picture

Nice photo! you captured a great mood. Advise: it looks like you only want to show 50% of the details this photo has to offer.

Phil Blair's picture

Thanks. You noticed.

Deleted Account's picture

The green, purple light is distracting, and I would tone down the red one also. Apart from the empire needed straightening, there seems to be glare from the window showing on it. Love those clouds