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Any suggestion on these images

As an amateur photographer, I would like to improve myself technically and the composition aspect. Any suggestion will be very helpful.

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I think your images are lookin' pretty good! The bottom 4 seem to be missing midtone contrast. I see whites and blacks, but everything in the middle tones seems to be muddled.

Your first photo has some artificial light at the bottom which spoils the mood. The wood in the second photo is cropped far too close.

I believe the 4th image would benefit from not having the sheel intersected by the horizon.

Overall, you're definately putting some thought into your compositions, and your desire for feedback is a great sign. Plenty of potential (and success too) in your images.

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Thank you, will try to rectify all the flaws that you have pointed. Thank you. :D

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I think the first two photos could use more space around their subjects (boat, log) as they feel a little too tight. Just a little more space would do a lot.

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yes, 1&2 would be nice in landscape

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In my opinion, your portrait mode shots could have looked better in the landscape mode. I felt that my eyes were craving for some more but it was restricted.
The third image is good, it could have been better if it was just the fallen tree, with a uniform background.
The last 3 shots, somehow didn't appeal me much.

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Thank tfor the valuable feedback

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I think this is the type of crop that you are all suggesting, I guess !!

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Still a tiny bit tight, but much better than before for the boat.

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Sorry I posted the wrong image before.

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This is SO much better for a crop, think everyone would agree :)

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wayyyy better!

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Overall I really like them. My constructive feedback would be:

Photo 1: Centre the sun, either have it fully on the right third or in the middle, In between i don't feel helps any composition and in this case it would help balance the upward curve of the boat. Also would like to see a bit more on the sides of the boat for context and the artificial light is a bit distracting. Lastly I would maybe adjust the camera angle slightly so the tip of the boat isn't intersecting the horizon to help the eye flow. This is not to say I don't like the photo because I actually really do!

Photo 2: Again this is a beautiful capture but I would like to be able to see more context to the location - so maybe landscape orientation would be better.

Photos 3/4/5/6: Look great but I feel like they are all lacking a bit of mid tone contrast in the post-production. Photo 3 I really like the sky, but I think the foreground needs to pop a bit more. Try dropping the blacks a bit just on the foreground. I think whites/highlights and saturation are good.

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thank you so much, I will work on them. And in the boat image it was moon not sun. :P