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First post, Sunset on Lake Pontchartrain...

I finally joined so I thought I'd post something to introduce myself. I just moved to Winnipeg, MB, from the New Orleans area, Mandeville specifically. It's a great place to shoot Sunsets with the water and sky separated by a thin ribbon of man made bridge (Pontchartrain Causeway). This is Sunset Point to the right. I do miss the place!


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Nice lines and colour!

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Wonderful colors! I have a really abstract photo like this one that's specifically about the natural colors in the sky without much subject. It's certainly not a "norm" in landscape photography but I love it when it's done well. Great stuff!

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Thanks Alex! You bring up a good point, something that I've thought about time to time. Where does a Sunset like this belong? Looking through F-Stopper's Groups, I really can't find a spot for it. When we think "Landscape", it's usually tera firma. Thinking about how many Sunsets are shot every day, maybe it should be a separate category.

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This is the image I was referencing. I think it's even more abstract than yours and certainly doesn't qualify to most landscape rules/ideals.

I think that's the beauty in photography though, even though many wouldn't rate this highly on a critique scale, I still genuinely like it and that's more important than anything else.

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I like this sort of shot. The reflection makes it. So...have we decided where this sort of Sunset goes? :-) Did you by chance print this?

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I have indeed :) Right down the hall from my office!

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Terrific! I'm an admitted printaholic (I have an Epson P800). I sell my prints so having the printer makes that much easier. I've sold several of the above Sunset. I also make my frames. Best part, it's all fun!!

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Beautiful! Looks as though it's aptly named. ;-^)


Spectacular colors and cloud forms.