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Want some critique on this photo

First of all this photo was a handheld so there might be some motion blur on it.
I took this photo while I was driving out of my campground. Saw the light just touching the hill and tough it might be a nice shot with the storm clouds above. Want some critique in composition and editing. Thanks in advance.

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I like the editing. Particularly the colour separation from the golden light to the dark blue clouds. Compostionally id crop the bottom so that the horizon is lower in the frame. I’d want to contain the viewers eye between the hill top and the brighter cloud line

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I basically agree with Nathan. Maybe cropping it into horizontal?

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Hi Nathan, Marcin, my intent was to put the hilltop in the middle with equal amounts of darkness top and bottom. I'll try it as you suggested and compared them.

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I love to print my shots, so with that in mind, if this were my shot, I would crop a bit from the top and bottom trying to get the brighter section closer to the bottom third. I'd make the crop to give it a more panoramic look....the print it! Neat shot.

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Yes def crop the foreground unless of course u can bring up some detail there - i suspect that there isnt any info there so cropping may be your only option. Lovely shot

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Theres plenty of info there. I darkened in on purpose to counter balance it with the dark sky. Thanks for the comment tho. :)

I like the original with maybe some of the foreground cropped out. The light is very pretty. I'm not a big fan of your second attempt to bring out detail. It looks a little too forced.