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Moody Sunset Critique

Hello! I'm new to fstoppers and a new photographer. Hoping to get some feedback on what I could do differently for shooting and post processing. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, but I'm sure there are many improvements that could be made. Thanks for any advice!

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A nice image but would like to see the same scene with a brilliant orange sunset.

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One thing about Sunsets is that they change personality about every thirty seconds. :-) I've found some of my best results come moments after the Sun actually dips below the horizon. Because you have nice cloud formations here, I would guess that the scene after the Sun dips below the horizon would be quite pleasing. Although, you'd probably miss the couple.

A personal preference of mine is that I prefer a more panoramic view of a Sunset. This is something that you'll experiment with as you gain more and more experience. Shooting Sunsets is one of my great photographic pleasures!

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Thanks for the feedback! I'd hoped the sun would look great past the horizon too, but it essentially vanished and didn't look too interesting after that haha. I've definitely seen that be the case though, in fact when I first bought my camera my friend's first advice was never leave right after the sun sets... sometimes that's when the color get's the most amazing! I'll definitely need to experiment more with panorama, still trying to get the hang of the settings in-camera and how to stitch them together in photoshop.

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Definitely a unique looking shot. I like the mood and inclusion of people to show scale. Not sure if the tree branches in the top right corner are doing anything for me. I feel like they're too messy and distracting and draw my attention away from the rest of the image.

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Yeah I agree with that, thanks! It's bugged me but unfortunately my knee was injured and I couldn't really climb to a better vantage point. Next time though!

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I think for a beginning photog, you've done fairly well with this image. I don't know if it was an accident or intentional, but you've captured a pseudo subject...the people. As a few others have said, I don't think the branches add value to the image. There are times when you can use branches for framing, but I don't think that it works well here. The processing is a little on the dark side for my taste.

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I like the lines of the ocean, I think the tree is distracting. Like the people in the shoot too.