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First attempt at focus stacking in Photoshop. Critique welcome.

So I'm fairly new to photography. Just trying to learn as many techniques and take as many pictures as possible to find what I like.

I mostly enjoy landscape photography and thought I'd try some photo stacking recently and this was the result. I took 3 images (foreground, mid and back) but found I struggled to blend in the middle exposure. I'm not sure if that was down to my depth of field or what but I felt I couldn't see the sharpness being painted in.

I'm quite happy with it but I'd welcome any critique on any aspect of the resulting picture.


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Look really nice to me.

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The composition is confuse. The perspective leads to horizon and nothing there.

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Sky looks pink on my monitor......crop out the left without touching the's very a good attempt

Hi, not sure why you need to take 3 shots for the composition, I imagine with 2 shoots one at f8 for the mid and back and one focusing at the front part you could make it. I agree also with the composition comment. That being said my first attempt was not so nice so thumbs up.

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Looks on focus to me! Where is this scene? Looks like a great place to shoot

I think this shot has a lot going for it. I agree that the composition is just a little confusing, but with some study I realized the rocks in the foreground were the main subject, and the sky and buildings, etc were in the background. Once discovered, I really enjoyed this picture.