Sunset at the Lake

I messed around with the boulders at the edge of Inks Lake in Texas and this long exposure was my favorite with the sun streaking across the water to the boulders. Otherwise, the sunset was a dud. Any feedback?

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nice use of the boulders love it :-)

Cameron McGrath's picture

Nice exposure, created that nice silky effect, but not too long to erase some of the detail from the water.

The foreground seems a tad underexposed (I think the long exposure popped out the sun, but sort of washed the sky and foreground). But, otherwise I nice photo

Thanks. It was a very humid day and the horizon was very hazy, so you're correct that the sky is washed out looking.

I messed around on the sunward side of the boulders with my tripod in the water and the boulders looked good, but the background was a mess.

There is another outcropping of rock that I went back to a few days later, but the sky was too cloudy. Still looking for the amazing sunset.