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Tripod question

I've been using my old, aluminum Bogen 3021 since Mike Kirk modified it in the mid-1980'S. But it weighs a ton and isn't quite tall enough for my needs (i'm 6'3 and work in the mountains, so lots of uneven terrain). In researching carbon fiber tripods I've found several that will extend to 66" or so, but the spider won't allow the legs to spread out flat for ground-level work. I don't want a center post (not much of one, anyway) to get in the way of low-level work.

So here I am, asking for suggestions. I have often read that no tripod needs to be taller than 5'. That is utter trash, so please, don't go there. :)


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Mauro Scattolini's picture

Hello Brian, check this one out Benro TMA38CL Long Series 3 Carbon Fiber Tripod - price is good and you also get a short column that will allow you to keep it super low once legs are all spread apart!

***little update, check also the Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ Carbon Fiber Tripod - it goes up to 61" inch and will allow you to remove the center column. I have the aluminum one and it's pretty nice! Sturdy and well balanced

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Here is what I use and it's awesome. http://www.sirui.eu/en/products/tripods/nx-series/

The center column is removable as well

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I love gitzo tripods. I have a traveller but have heard that the systematic line are excellent and they have taller options if that’s your preference

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I would say try look at 3 leggedthing winston

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Your phrase, "weighs a ton" is the fundamental point here. ALL gear involves compromise.

I'm also 6'3", and I use smaller tripods when I'm hiking, purely for reasons of weight saving. I've just purchased a Mantrotto Befree, which I really like, but that is outside your stated requirements.

However, you could go for something like the carbon fiber Manfrotto 057, which has a max height of 80.7", and weighs 7.7lb (legs only)

Edit: My next tripod will be the Manfrotto 058B, it's awesome, but I would never, in a million years, hike with it. It has a max height of 85.4", weight of 13.6lb (legs only), and the legs are quick release.

I am 6'4" and hike and have been looking into the same question. I am about settled on a Feisol CT-3441T Traveler Rapid Carbon Fiber Tripod. It is tall enough for me, reverse folds for compactness and is pretty light. It also seems to get good reviews. There is a short column you can get to get close to the ground. I also like the Gitzo options.

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Consider Induro Tripods. https://www.indurogear.com/products/tripods/
They are not cheap but I consider this brand to be a good balance between reasonable pricing and good quality. They have a variety of choices and a tall photographer should be able to find some alternative for what you're looking for.