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At the lake. CC welcome.

1st post here. still getting the vibe :-)
comments are welcomed.

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I really like the mood. Almost looks like a watercolour. And the birds... great moment! Maybe the only thing I would change is to crop the bottom a bit so the horizon is lower.

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Thank you Marcin Świostek ! i get what you mean about the horizon. will check it out.

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Yeah, what Marcin said re the watercolour aesthetic. I think this would sell very well.

I don't find the placement of the horizon at all objectionable.

The birds are a lovely touch.

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Thank you Deleted User !

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Outstanding work Arie. I'll echo the thoughts of everyone else in saying the color grading is exceptional. I imagine this piece would look amazing as a metallic print.

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Thank you Josh Leavitt ! Indeed i intend to print it on metal but as i never did it i have to see where and how to.

David Pavlich's picture

As a printaholic, this one deserves to be on paper and displayed.

Lorretta Clarke's picture

Love it. Absolutely gorgeous.

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Wonderful moody photo. Like others said already, maybe crop a bit of the water. And (just from my taste) i would add a tiny bit of colour and contrast to the sky. Seems a bit flat for me. But like i said, thats personla taste. Great shot, well done!

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Thank you Sandro Loos ! i will give it a try. :-)

I am by no means a worth critic but after seeing many many pictures of over saturated landscape photos I find the slightly watercolour, almost pastel tones of this photo to be a breath of fresh air.

I'm curious, what were you focusing on? There appears to be a consistent softness across the photo. Was that intentional?

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Thank you Andrew Montague ! your critic is worth as any other in my eyes. i suspect the softness comes from the fog and the post processing. i liked it that way so it stayed at the final image.

Monet would have loved it

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Thank you Derek Kelsey ! i love his work and it is a great compliment.

Maximilian Sulzer's picture

As everyone already said, this is such a beautiful image. Like a painting indeed.

John Nicholson's picture

To what Andrew said. I like the soft feel to this picture. too often people are pushing everything and it's a bit much. To Sandro's point I too would perhaps use a gradient filter to just add a touch of either saturation/Vibrance or color to the sky only. Very, very little and I am being intentionally picky. It's a great shot and you did a wonderful job with the birds flying by. Almost looks like a Hudson valley painter reproduction.

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Thank you John Nicholson ! maybe someday i will find the guts to play a little with this frame :-)