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First Image Post on Fstoppers

It is a pleasure for me to join a community like this. I love landscape with all my heart. Greetings to all!!!
I haven't upload too many photos on my portfolio but I will :)
Hope I can contribute to the community and Fstoppers in particular.
Feel free to comment and critics my pictures.

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Very nice. Like a painting.

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Thanks Geoff! And greetings 🍺😊

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Interesting perspective and light.

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thanks for the comments, it surely encourage me to be better 🍺😊

I really like this. The lighting and the middleground is soothing. Maybe even make the hills and the trees stand out from the background even more.👍

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Thanks Sebastian for the review, I do hope this group can give me something constructive.

Jefri, very beautiful picture.

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Thank you Dale, really glad you like it and appreciate the appreciation :)

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Very nice picture. Like a fairytale.
Nice balance and beautiful colors.

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Beautiful. Nice calming colors.

Hello Jefri,

Welcome! I'm new as well.

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Nice toning and details. As mentioned by Geoff before, it seems like a painting. Colours worked great with your composition and your center of interest. It's very good.

I'm also new, I haven't figured out how things works here yet lol