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Sunrise by the river

Shot in Queensland Australia. CC is very welcome!

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I like this composition. My eye fights with the spiders web and the light, perhaps tone down the sun just a tad. The spiders web and the wood reminds me of a boat - don't know whether that was your intention but it works. Well done.

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Thanks for the CC, I'll see if toning down the sun works better. Looking like a boat was not my intention, but I like the idea! Cheers again.

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I like the web half of the image most. I really like the shallow depth of field. I think there is a visual tension between the web and the sun though and it's a little distracting. A crop for just the web might work better. Or re composing if you get the chance again for a shot that eliminates the sun or brings them closer together.

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Thanks for the CC David, appreciate it! I get what you (and Lorretta) are saying about the sun being too distracting. Here is a re-edited version, what do you think? Thanks again!

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I like it. Aside form alleviating the visual tension this has the added benefit of allowing us to see the bend in the river now as it heads around the trees into the mist. That adds something that was't really in the original edit IMO.

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Great, thanks for the advice!

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I actually like the result with the re-edit. It results on a moodier but also more balanced shot. Congrats!

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Great image. I like this and your edited version.