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Stars over the Bonsai

May head out to Lake Tahoe this weekend and try again to capture the stars over Bonsai Tree.

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A shot full o interest and well captured.Thanks Erick.

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sweet shot i need to learn this technique!!!

I don't know what to look at there is too much stuff =( The milky way, the sunset light, the meteor, the red rock... You should pick a subject. I'm looking at all the other images on your portfolio and some are really great, pure and simple. But I feel this is too complex, sorry.

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Really nice. I might like it a little more if the black thing on the bottom right was removed. Other than that, great work.

Is there a reason the rock is so red? (just curious)

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To me it looks like it's illuminated by a red torch. Might be wrong though.

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Love this, I personally struggle with the Milky Way. Well done 👍