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What to improve?

I visited this place a couple of times before and was never really happy about the results of my shots there. This week I gave it another try with this result. I think it's pretty nice, any comments please?

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Good shot for me. The only thing that I find distracting is that small lamp in the left bottom corner.
I would probably cut more of the bottom.

The foreground is just too dark, it's one black blob. I'm not saying make it as bright as the background, but there should be at least some detail visible. You can clearly spot the problem in the foreground building, there's detail everywhere, but the domes have none, being completely black.

I'd try to bracket the shot.

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I’m going to agree with Thorsten, detail in the foreground would be an improvement. The composition itself is pretty good.

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Thanks guys for the comments, they were really helpful. I made some adjustments. I cropped the shot a little bit to get rid of the little light in the corner and to loose some of the foreground. I also blended the foreground with another shot in order to get some details back. How is that working for you guys?

Way better! Try to up the contrast some in the background to bring it more in line with the foreground.