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First Bit of Light Shine Through the Canyon

Waking up early in the morning an hour and half before the sunrise. Hike up to a place to find the arch. Also got lost, but luckily, I was able to see someone try to find the arch as well. We ended up hiking up to the destination. It's hard to find a good composition in the dark. 40 minutes in and I found this composition. At that time, the night still dark. Surprisingly the location got filled up extremely early and people start to set the parameter around to prevent other people jumping in front of their frame for a photo. It's one of a best experience in Canyonland National Park!

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Not seen: 20 other people shooting sunrise :)

Love the tones in the shot!

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Haha, 50+ is more accurate!!!

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pretty cool place nice color i like how the starburst creeps up the bottom of the rock nice shot

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Morning has broken! Great shot!