Orion and Sirius over the beach at Punta Mango, El Salvador

Was up every morning at 4AM on a surf trip in El Salvador and this was the only clear night. Could not image the Milky Way after sunset because of the 3/4 moon so captured Orion instead.

Stars: 12 x 13 seconds stacked in PS CC.
Foreground: single 30 second exposure, you can see how much more noise there is on the sand on the beach vs the smooth sky from stacking.

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on these types i would take a single image that isn't set to getting the stars but the surrounding object like the house so those structures aren't so blown out then you can layer it in PS and erase that structure to pull it out as a stronger looking structure rather than letting it blow out like crazy other than that pretty nice job

yep I can easily do that with the data I have. You are right, the bohio on the top of the hill is over exposed. Ill reprocess it sometime and fix that.

If you want a go at stacking and post processing it let me know!

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haha thats your baby.. id do it for practice though

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alright ill try this out and get back to you

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so this is what i came up with goofing off for an hour i tried using multiple but had t scratch that plan due to the movement in the stars. instead i used one of the middle images made one layer as is one darker and one brighter erased modified cropped and this was the result

I'll have a look at this as well if you don't mind.

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are we turning this into a competition??? hahaha... be nice to see how other people approach a problem.

No worries Joseph, I was just curious and had a look, but I think these are way too dark to recover much detail.

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The stars weren't bad it was the foreground that was getting noisy

Yeah, there was one frame with a slightly longer exposure, but that didn't help much.

pretty sure if you delete the sky in the 12 light frames you can align and stack the foreground separately for NR. I couldnt wait 20-30 min for the blue hour to get beach exposed better because I had to get ready to go surfing!!