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Jose A Feliciano's picture

Your thoughts on this photo

I'll like to get feedback on this photo. Is it portfolio worth?

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user-146450's picture

I love it but not sure it is portfolio worth

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I think it is a great pic Jose.It depends what you use your portfolio for. I take pics in and out of my portfolio from time to time.If this was my shot I would probably put it in there.I put pics in my portfolio to share a pic with the world and I don't care how many stars I get.Some people do.

amplighter's picture

The composition is superb, But the image is a tad too dark. Was any post processing used?. what about filters?.

Jose A Feliciano's picture

No camera filters were used. I darken the foreground and background on purpose to accentuate the light and fall colors

Jordan McChesney's picture

I really like this image. The light is superb and I love the colours. I could go either way on the foreground, I think you could lose just a bit of the dark patch near the bottom. But I think you could also leave it in, haha.

As for "portfolio worthy", I think it's worth putting in, if it fits with the rest of your work. I've seen plenty of professional portfolios with a few pictures that would get 2-3 stars, maybe even 1 star here, but it fit with their theme, so it worked.

David Russell's picture

Nice detail shot. No reason not to put it in your portfolio if it fits with your overall style or as part of a series.

Siddhartha De's picture

I like this shot, Jose. I like how it leads the eye from bottom left to right and again to top left. If I may add a suggestion, I would probably have liked this shot more if you had less of the foreground at the bottom and maybe a little more of the background at the top. I understand you've made this symmetrical, positioned the '>' exactly equidistant from top and bottom, but the foreground lacks interest while the background does have interesting detail.