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How would you fix this blown out area?

I'm really happy with this shot, but I ended up with a blown out area on the left where a building was reflecting and I didn't notice it. Can someone point me to a tutorial or give me some advice on how I might fix that? I'm using CS4 currently, but willing to go to the subscription if i need to.

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If it is actually clipped then there is no fix, the information in the highlights is lost. Did you try pulling the highlights slider all the way down? Reduced exposure by 1 stop and on top of that pulled the highlights down? If that doesn't fix it, I'm afraid there's nothing you can do.

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I know this may be taboo for some people but i would use the patch tool, maybe stealing from another photo from the same shoot and location using the green from the background.

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Create a layer mask using any method you like ( Luminosity masks is the way I'd go for this ) and blend in a similar sky from another shot.

By the way, you should also tick the Remove Chromatic Aberration in Adobe Camera RAW, you've got some terrible fringing around the branches.
It's a simple click ( if not removed perfectly, you simply need to fine-tune its removal using the two fringing sliders in ACR ).

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Thanks, I will do that.

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If one was given the opportunity to use a lens that offered a better bokeh, take it. If one is unfamiliar with this tern, It refers to how the background looks as a results of focusing on a few particular foreground subjects. try this image again with a better lens or one with a better Bokeh.

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You could also try using the brush tool and decreasing the exposure on the selected area.