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Jeremy Martignago's picture

feedback wanted on my macro shots

Hi everybody I recently started making macro photos I would like some feedback. so please Judge them and tell me what you think.

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Jordan McChesney's picture

You've nailed the sharpness, for the most part. I think the next step is considering composition and editing.

1) You've nailed the sharpness and caught quite a nice moment. I think the composition is off, ever so slightly, as it looks slightly off center, but not far enough to the right. However you might be able to change it with a crop. My other comment would be that if you have a chance to capture a reflection, it's worth trying to capture it in full, for symmetry.

2) Definitely my favorite of the three. I think a little bit of processing to help the ladybug pop a little more, would be a good idea. Also, it might be worth blurring out the one part of the flower that is in focus, as it's distracting.

3) I think there's a little too much going on for me. I feel like the drop on the bottom is the most interesting aspect, but it's not getting a chance to shine, as the big purple flower is stealing my attention, and it's not totally in focus. I think this was a case where a longer lens or a more focused crop on the drop could have helped.

Overall, the technical aspects are looking pretty good. If you improve your composition, and find a more interesting editing method, I think you'll be able to improve in no time.

Also, your last photo has spots all over it. Please clean your sensor.

Nice work!

Jeremy Martignago's picture

Hi, Jordan I re-edited the photo do you think it looks better now?

Jordan McChesney's picture

The colours on this one are much better, for sure. However it seems to have made the noise more noticeable. Perhaps you could try reducing that slightly.

Jordan McChesney's picture

Much better! It looks really nice, now. Nice work!

user-187388's picture

Great work Jeremy. The last shot is amazing in that you have captured the daisy image in the natural water lens.Jordan probably has some valid comments but I would have liked to have taken these shots. Did you know that some insect photographers or similar smaller creatures, they but them in the fridge to dull them down a bit for their close ups. They don't move so much when they are cold.This sort of bug stuff is probably best done on a cold morning.

Terry Waggoner's picture

Jeremy.................welcome to the world of the small minded...........
It would be helpful if the exif data had been included............
Questions.........was a flash used? The closer you get in macro lighting becomes critical...... Are you using a true macro lens? Camera? The more information we have will allow us to give informed comments...........

Jeremy Martignago's picture

Hello, Terry, I am using my Pentax k-x with a Tamron 90mm in these photos I didn't use any flash but a torch on the bottom one to light up the sunflower in the background.

Terry Waggoner's picture

Hi Jeremy,...........I'm not familiar with the Pentax other than I understand it has a APS-c sensor which is fine. The Tamron 90mm has 2 lens......one has 1-2 magnification, the other 1-1 which is considered a "true" macro lens. Either case, obtaining a set of inexpensive extension tubes will allow you to get closer. Finding a ring flash or altering a speedlight will greatly improve your efforts..............using a flash will freeze the subject(even at lower shutter speeds) giving you sharper images. There's more that can done to improve your efforts but if I make this post any longer.........you fall asleep..............

Ilya Beskin's picture

I really like the 3rd shot! It works incredibly well! For me personally, the fact that there is a lot going on, makes me come back and look at it again and again rather than just scroll through it. John Free (a street photographer) once said that he doesn't take a picture unless there are at least three interesting things going on in the shot. Your third shot definitely fits with that!

In the first two shots, I find myself squinting on the subject and trying to zoom in. Basically, the subject is too small in the frame and that makes it hard too look at.

On the second image with the lady bug, I like how the flower petals go in and out of focus and how the flower is not in the background of the lady bug but rather fills in the other side of the image which makes the overall composition interesting.

Good job on these shots!