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Tortoise in the shade, CC wanted

A shot of an angulate tortoise in the shade, any CC on this? Shot with a Minolta 55mm f1.7 lens @ f1.7. Thanks!

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From a technical view, it's very well shot. Part of me doesn't like it placed right in the center of the frame, but another part of me thinks it works. So it might be worth playing around with some different cropping options.

Nice work!

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I played around a bit with different crops, but this one seemed to work the best imo. Cheers!

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Were it possible, moving to the right a bit would have gotten around the leaves in the foreground that are in front of the subject and blocking bits of the shell. (I see this kind of thing in my own photos quite often, btw). I would go in tighter on the tortoise as well.

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Yeah I can see that, although I also quite like it as it shows the tortoise being in 'the bush' I guess. Thanks for the feedback!