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Into Darkness

So I was waiting for decent weather, week after week, yet all I got was overcast skies, no rain and bleak colors. No snow either, of course. Which, in all, doesn't exactly make for great landscape pictures. Oh and not to mention that the sun rises and sets while I'm still at work.

A colleague of mine, who used to be a professional photographer back in the days of film (she used to shoot with a Canon F-1, if that rings any bells) suggested that I simply take a break and wait for better conditions. No way.

So I decided to revisit familiar locations and make use of artificial light. Here's my most recent picture and even if it doesn't look it, it took me 2 days to shoot and another day to edit.

It's a 6-minute exposure and it was pitch dark, I couldn't actually see what was in my scene and what wasn't, I had to shoot dozens of ISO 25600 pictures to get an idea what was in the frame and where to move accordingly.

I had to come up with a couple of ideas how to shoot this, for instance, there were 10 times as many cars in the left lane than there were in the right and I had to somehow balance that out - in camera.

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Matt Hooker's picture

I'd say your three days of work really panned out. This is impressive.

Francisco B's picture

this is really cool, the lights in the distance tie the shot together nicely.

joseph cole's picture

is this the same location as the time lapse? nice shot a lot of nice subtleties especially in the background great image to pull out when you've been having bad weather!

Thanks Joseph! Aye, it's the same location, just love the S-curve. I've been trying to come up with another location for this type of shot but no dice.

joseph cole's picture

yeah strong s curves and an elevated position are a struggle near me as well there is one shot i would love to take in philadelphia but the spot to shoot from is in a less than desirable area and would need a police escort lol

Ouch, no picture is worth taking that kind of risk. By the way, new blog post up - https://westheider.com/index.php/2018/12/23/going-the-extra-mile/

joseph cole's picture

ill check it out tomorrow im spent from wrapping presents for 2 hours i need a vacation after christmas is over

Trevor McGoldrick's picture

This photo is awesome, dude!