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Chromatic Aberation.....

Hi Everyone!

I'm wondering if someone can help me out with my chromatic aberation woes.

I've clicked remove chromatic aberation in Lightroom, but it seems like I still cant rid a few of my pictures completely.

I have Lightroom CC, Classic and Photoshop... I've also watched some videos detailing how to get rid of the problem, but to no avail..

I've resorted to using the brush in Photoshop and selecting similar colors with the eye dropper tool in Photoshop.

Does anyone else have a workaround they found helpful?

Thanks in advance!


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joseph cole's picture

nate i noticed your camera is a mid range crop sensor what lenses are you using i am using d3300 with the kit lenses and will at times get the same issue especially at higher iso's and certain f-stops it is a struggle most of the time PS does a good job at removing and i do see it more when i bump up vibrance and sat levels

Im using a 55-300mm NIKON NIKKOR. Im surr i shot this at full zoom too.

Ill rework it and take down the vibrance to see if it helps, thanks!!

Skye Leake's picture

Not that this is any sort of quick fix, but you can utilize frequency separation in post.


Thank you so much!!

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

If automatic removal tool doesn't do the job then help it with manual removal of the rest. Here's the video. The panels look slightly different, but you'll find all the tools there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9VpH7jq2eI

Awesome, thank you!!