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Jessadayut Speers's picture

The Bald Mountain

Hey guys, I'm new to landscape photography and I wanted to get some critique on this panorama I took. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



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Ken Savage's picture

It is an interesting composition, and especially for a pano shot. Not seen every day and pleasing. Unique landscape perspectives sometime feel elusive and I think you've got it.

Given that the tree trunk is the central foreground element or main character on this landscape stage, it should be in focus. I would also like to see just slightly more of the branches at the top to sell me on the deliberateness of the under-tree perspective.

Very nice and has an over-all cinematic landscape feel.

Jessadayut Speers's picture

Thanks Ken, I'll be headed to this location again tomorrow and I'll give it another shot. I've been trying to create medium format like images by stitching vertically shot panoramas. I'll upload the file here once I'm finished.

Thanks again,


Alan Brown's picture

Thanks for posting. This image has a lot going for it. I think it is well composed with the tree branches forming a frame and keeping the eye in the picture. I also find the image well balanced and exposure/lighting/white balance etc look good.

I do like the panorama perspective, especially so with the shadow/grad exposure in the foreground leading the eye in.

Like Ken I find the softness of the foreground a little distracting. If you could focus stack or perhaps shoot with a smaller aperture then I think this would complete the image.

Great work, I really enjoy this shot.

Jessadayut Speers's picture

Well sad one today boys. Someone set up camp under this tree for new years. This location will be here on the way to where I'll be going today so I'll try and get the shot then.

Happy new year guys :)


P.S.This shot below was taken from the top the left mountain.

Jessadayut Speers's picture

Here's the new panorama. There isn't much room for cropping because there was a group of people sitting on the left.

Francisco B's picture

Great, nice job correcting the foreground sharpness.

Jessadayut Speers's picture

Thank you Francisco.