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Sense of scale

I don't know if mountaineers like tiny human figures stand out enough in this photo or are too small to feel the grandiosity of the surrounding rocks?

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to be honest: if you wouldn't have mentioned the human figures in the text I would not have seen them in the picture... I had to specifically look for them (on a 19" screen)

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I agree, only as large print lol!

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Like Edgar, I wouldn't have seen the figures had you not mentioned them, but regardless of the figures I think it's a great image. I like the lines and contrast, and it has a dreamy, painting-like quality. More great work, Radisa.

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Thanks a lot Dune, unfortunately from the position where I was, it could not have been better, and with the cropping I would lose depth of field. Anyway I used my max 200mm on zoom lens :)

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I wonder if perhaps I didn't convey my thoughts as well as I could have. What I was trying to say is that this image works without any consideration of the figures, and as David says, if someone finds them, it only increases the impact. I wasn't trying to suggest that it needs to be changed in any way. I love it.

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No, everything is fine with your comment Dune, but I wanted to explain a little bit about the background of the creation of a photo, without lessen your thoughts. Maybe there was not a place in the answer but in the image description. I apologize.

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No worries Radisa, and no need to apologize. I wish I had an eye for composition like yours.

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It was my fault. As for the composition, it is most difficult to learn IMO, but I think I'm maybe just talented to notice a right frame. Huge thanks again for your kind words Dune!

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Gosh, what an atmospheric image. Beautiful.

Agree with the others, would not have seen them on first look. But I think it's great to have details like that which are not immediately obvious. It only increases the sense of wonder when you do spot them. The trick is getting your viewer to look at the image long enough to do that!

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Thank you so much David! You are absolutely right, who keeps a little on observation, will notice. It's just for hanging on the wall rather than using on internet.

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Well done, as ever, Radisa! I agree with David, point for point, so I won't say anything else. For once...

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lol Radisa this was like where's waldo.....great image super dramatic

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Huge thanks Joseph!

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This is a wonderful picture, I think it would look great as a large print. Nice work!