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Sony A7r ii, a good 'Landscape' Camera?

So I was doing a bit of Unit Stills on some Student & Indie films using a 5d mk iii in a blimp which I hated so I swapped out for a Sony A7r ii for the silent shutter function.
Thing is though that my first love, though I am no expert at it, is Landscapes and the like and I was wondering what you guys think are the best settings (weather/light etc dependant) to try on it, I had a wee go the other day up in the West Lakes in Cumbria ( Loweswater, Crummock & Buttermere) which I attach to this, but I kinda rushed it all as I was freezing...... and I only have 1 lens atm, 24-240mm FE oss 'kit'. no filters, though I have ordered a variable one, and light post in Lr only...... answers on a virtual postcard appreciated....

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i am currently looking at upgrading and the A7ii is on my list along with the D750 and the Fuji X-T2 so if your asking if the Sony is a good landscape camera ...absolutely...especially if you are trying to stay inside a particular budget I've done the research over 2 months time and although the camera has more bells and whistles in way of video it is still a good option for landscape as it is an affordable mirrorless ff sensor and will easily produce sharp results

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I think this Sony is excellent camera. In beginning should to start with an entry level body and lens, later you can decide if photography is really a passion and what kind of photography you are interested in, only then you should invest in the best glass they can afford and a better body. If you specialize in landscapes your equipment will be very different compared to shooting sport or birds so just blindly buying will often be a waste of money. Many end up being happy with the entry level body and kit lens and that is fine.
I see that you hurry, take a better care of the composition next time. Great location and lovely images otherwise.

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Darryl, you live in a place of such extreme beauty that I think you could use any reasonable camera and get a great image. That said it is good to research and ensure the camera you buy best suits your all-round needs.
If not already check out Thomas Heaton's early (Lake District) vlogs - that should provide any inspiration you may be lacking.

I love the Lake District, so jealous of your opportunities.

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Thanks Alan, Do you have a link to Thomas' work at all please?