Work in progress

So today I went to that same location again, but I ended up with a completely different composition.

This was a tricky one, though, because with the splashing water droplets kept landing on the polarizer all the time and I had to wipe them away constantly between shots. There's significant blur in various areas in the frames I shot, but I managed to stack them so they cancel each other out.

I don't consider this image finished yet as far as editing is concerned, I'm not sure what's amiss but maybe after a good night's sleep I'll have an idea.

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Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Fantastic moody waterfall shot Thorsten, excellently composed.
Maybe a little bit to calm red and green colors on leaves and moss.

Thanks Radisa! What do you mean by 'calm'?

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

To decrease saturation :) sorry

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

I guess you know why.
Due to the balance with the upper part of the photo, and that processing would not be so noticeable. You can also clone this cable - wire in the sky :)
Everything is in details!

joseph cole's picture

the cable wire seems to be a skinny foreground branch it does kind of lead to nowhere

Yeah, matter of fact this was the first time in a while I cranked saturation up instead of down in quite a while. I should've known that never works out ;-) Thanks for the pointer with the branch!

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

At first glance looks like some kind of wire to me :)

joseph cole's picture

super jealous great image its nice you were able to semi avoid the triangle of nothing in the sky's dead space it has a nice gradual falloff. i like the bold fore ground and the background falloff/softening

Thanks Joseph! There was a bit of mist, which certainly helped with the falloff. I have a video on this particular shoot in the works, so you may get an idea what the area actually looks like.

joseph cole's picture

nice can't wait to see it

New edit uploaded, I left the branch in after fixing the exposure in the sky.