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Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Which one do you like more?

I do not usually photograph at this time of the day, but this time I had no choice, because the weather conditions and timing dictated how it will be.
I'm interested in your opinion which of these two photos at the same location, looks better or more interesting to you?
I'm somewhat confused about choosing, so that your help is welcome.

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I prefer the one with the birds, as it's more interesting and alive. I also think there's too much foreground in the second.


Logan Johnson's picture

The birds add a lot of life to the photo, however I enjoy the composition the the first one, a hair, more. If you’re into sky replacing, you could blend them together! If you wanna stay natural though, the birds are the way to go! Super cool photos, regardless!

joseph cole's picture

honestly i like them equally which means...you guessed it ...composite. use #1 as your base and insert the birds you would have all elements of a perfect mixture dramatic color and vibrance great composition and motion all leads to a winner

Francisco B's picture

The one with birds is brilliant.

Alan Brown's picture

I much prefer the first image - there is a better foreground to anchor the image and lead into the wonderful mountains.

I find the birds in the second image a distraction, pulling my eye away from the main subject (or are the birds THE main subject?). It is almost like this image has two separate and competing subjects - the top half and the bottom half. You could easily composite a bird into the first image if really tied to that, but I would only do so to provide a (small) supporting element and e careful they don't overpower the subject.

I do think the first image could be improved by dropping the contrast a little, but understand how this may fit your own artistic impression.

I'd be interested in hearing after viewing multiple times over a few days whether you yourself have a gut feeling on which you prefer. At the end of the day it is only your opinion that counts, but I do think the 1st is a wonderful image.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Agree with Alan, point for point. One thing I'd add to what others have said is that the variable motion blur of the birds makes them harder to "read", adding to the sense of visual confusion for me. This is compounded by their scattering, which I find uncomfortable compared to just a few birds, or a flock in which individual birds are small. I've found that birds don't tend to cooperate!

The first is, for me as for Alan, a wonderful image, Radisa.

Interesting how general opinion is as divided as Radisa's!.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Just occurred to me why the birds look annoying - they remind me of the way flying insects look in photos, and the unglamorous connotations of these.

For me the first one works better, I find the birds in the second picture to be distracting. I probably would have stepped into the water and made one of those patches of grass my foreground object.

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

For now equaled 2:2 with two apparently neutral votes.
Thanks a lot guys, it really means to me!
Now I'm even more confused.

Tim Joel's picture

I think the first image has a nicer composition, but the second image is far more interesting- it's a great shot of a cool moment! So for me- the second image gets my vote.

Dune Crane's picture

I prefer the first without question. For me, the birds are clutter and distraction from the subject, which I see as the mountains with the interesting clouds. I prefer the processing in the first as well.

Jordan McChesney's picture

I'm going to go with the first one, because it looks like more thought went into the composition. The balance of both the top and bottom is superb. I'm sure thought also went into the second one, but it also looks like you might have just grabbed a quick shot as you saw the birds flocking around.

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

5:3 for first image for now. As Chris said, interesting how general opinion is as divided.
Otherwise, this photo with birds did not happen accidentally.
Arctic Terns are nesting in that area and are very fast and aggressive in that period.
I set up a tripod and framed it mostly to the sky (second image composition) where I assumed that the most bird would be and made twenty photographs. Later in the processing I put all the birds into one photo.