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moon and photoshop

so i like every other photographer in this half of the globe took the shot last night and then i added a lens flare ....too 80's of me? hahaha

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This is a great shot. It looks like you were standing close to the moon when the picture was taken 😉. What time of the night was this taken please

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i think around 11:30ish can't remember i was half asleep when i popped the shot lol

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I like that with flare. Nice work Joseph!

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Thank you simple and stupid but it worked lol

Nice one! I spent 2 hours in the cold because tracking failed me at the start of the eclipse and my intervalometer was playing up at the same time so I did literally everything manually, track, trigger, count to 6, trigger, check/adjust exposure - rinse and repeat, for 2 hours! Then I had enough, and enough raw material too (see below, they're all copied+pasted from RAW, no edits yet). I made extra sure not to repeat last year's mistake, which is to blow highlights.

Got a couple of ideas already how to turn that into a picture.

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Weren’t you having the same issues back in September/October

Nope, that was a different issue. This time around I tried to run without laptop, I only plugged it in once to start up tracking and it worked, the tracking continued with the laptop stashed away. However, at some point the scope just stopped tracking (you can hear it, it's a faint whir). The intervalometer on the other hand triggered 2 shots every cycle and I still have no idea why. If you're trying to shoot for hours at a 6s interval that is the worst thing that can happen, because the card will be full in half the time.

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just hook it up to a TB drive lol