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Expression of details.

I am worried about slight colors and how to put out details.
Please let me know if there are any other problems.

please tell me your opinion.

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For me looks good, nice atmosphere and composition. For something different, may be worth try converted to b & w or add a some gradient - dual-tone effect.

Looks interesting, but the skewed horizon immediately puts me off. Absolute no-go. While I agree the detail here is nice, these types of pictures generally are more successful when taken at long shutter speeds. Try to include part of the beach, watch the pattern of the water on the sand as it rolls in and recedes. If there is a strong wind, the clouds may give you leading lines (if you expose for longer)).

I don't agree on making this a B&W picture in its current form.

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I think the colours are fine and I like the atmosphere very much. Overall I rather like it but there are a few points:

1) Horizon, as Thorsten says. Easy fix.
2) Bottom of the foreground looks a bit stretched due to the wide angle lens and not quite in focus.
3) The detail on the stack and distance is not sharp in my opinion.

Point number 1 is nothing to worry about. 2 and 3 you can improve on with careful consideration of your depth of field and point of focus.

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I like the moody atmosphere, but my eye is being pulled to the bottom of the frame where the white foam is fighting with the bright sky areas.
I would try adding some light to the front of the stack and add a gradient from the bottom to slightly darken, lead in.

And YES, straighten that horizon!

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Thank you for your opinion that will do a lot for everyone.
I am really happy that they answered politely one by one.