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I love this one as is but some have said it was a little warm?

I can cool it off but this sunrise was actually pretty warm (the light) and I am pretty happy with it this way. I like the way the backlighting coming through the steam from the thermal vents and springs at Yellowstone keep the buffalo separated from each other where without it they would all blend together. No, I don't put my logo on stuff this big if it is printed or sold... Just for online postings.

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I think it looks good as warm as it is. nice shot John

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I guess it depends on whether you want colder. There's a warmth, and I'm not getting cold snowy land, but if that's not what youre aim was then it looks great

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It's up to the artist to decide how it looks.I like it. It's unique.

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Love the image, including the warmth, which makes it more "painterly". The panoramic composition is great, including the disposition of the buffalo, and layering them and the steaming vents.

The watermark really spoils it, becoming an intrusive part of the composition. I'd have thought that at this size of image, you wouldn't be worried about someone misusing it. Or are you, from experience?

Jerry Norman's picture

Keep the warmth, great image. Logo doesn't bother me either.

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What a fantastic image John! I love it as it is (apart from the intrusive watermark) and find the palette appealing.

At the end of the day if you are trying to create art (as opposed to a true documentary) the you as the artist are the only one with a right to say what works best, and to fit the story or atmosphere you wish to create.
There will always be some that disagree of course, we are all unique and have individual opinions.

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The warmth is one of the best feature of the photo. Living in the northwest I can attest to the fact that days with this look and feel are actually fairly common in the Yellowstone area.
The watermark is fine in a web post.
I wouldn't change a thing.

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I like the warmth! Gives it a slight sepia look, and ties into the color of the animals. Lovely shot.

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I think it looks great, but if you want to bring in a little of the coolness, maybe you could use the split tone to keep the warmth in the highlights but add some coolness to your shadows.

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I think it looks great with the current warmth. Nice shot!

I like how warm the fog is in the back, but the slightly off-white tone of the snow makes it a bit strange. I like this photo as is, because I'm a big fan of the contrast here, but the snow being an off-white colour is a bit unusual.