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Rattlesnake Ridge Day Two

I went up to a popular hiking trail in the PNW for a second day to capture some more photos. The first day I went, even without the fog, it was overcast. This time, it was a mixture, so i got some drastically different shots as the fog, sun, and clouds would change the lighting in the forest and above.

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Great shots! Thank you for posting

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You’re welcome and thank you for taking the time to check them out! ;)

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Love these kinds of shots. Very nice.

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I’m glad you enjoy them, it really means a lot to have you check out much stuff! Will be checking yours out, pronto and I’m stoked to do so!

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Well done ...moody my personal favorite.. great conditions lovely soft light coming through nice comps I’d be happy with these in my portfolio

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Moody, all the the way! I’m glad you like them! I’m really enjoying your portfolio right now, as well! Great job!

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thanks Logan much appreciated...getting some cold snow shots tomorrow hard to make snow moody hahaha

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As with others, lovely images. Winners in general for me are images that make you feel, not just see - several of these fit that bill.

Well done!

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Thank you, very much! The kind words are greatly appreciated and I totally agree... the feeling a photo conveys is far greater than just its face value, as an eye pleaser.