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Sarunas Tarvydas's picture

Sunrise at Glencoe, Scotland.

After waking up at 4 am, 3 hour drive and gruelling hike up the hill at -2°C, I was greeted with this majestic view. Buachaille Etive Mor. Sometimes it's worth putting extra effort.

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Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Great pano. I just would have cloned that trace of a plane in the sky left of the mountain peak.

Sarunas Tarvydas's picture

Thanks, thats a good point.

joseph cole's picture

im réal bitter that i live in the eastern united states we just don't have this kind of beauty in our backyard. Fantastic pano great light beautiful capture

Sarunas Tarvydas's picture

But US is so much bigger than UK and you guys have plenty of beautiful vistas.

joseph cole's picture

yeah about 1500 miles or more away from me lol

Sarunas Tarvydas's picture

Great Smoky Mountains are much closer lol. With careful planing you can get anywhere.

joseph cole's picture

true it just seems farther than it is

David Pavlich's picture

I agree, Joseph! I've lived in the flatlands my entire life, in Winnipeg now and before that, New Orleans for 20+ years.

Sarunas is right....there's a lot of gorgeous mountains and such in the states and Canada, but a trip to Scotland would be a photographer's nirvana.

joseph cole's picture

haha so true David

Alex Armitage's picture

I wish there was more space in the bottom of the frame.The balance between sky and foreground doesn't sit well with me. Outside of that it's a great shot.

Sarunas Tarvydas's picture

Probably, although the foreground was a bit boring.

David Russell's picture

Kudos for making the hike Sarunas, it's a great hill and your effort has paid off. Agree with Radisa - the contrail was the obvious snag. Something that has happened in many of my own images but you should be able to fix it easily if you want to.

Hope you enjoy many more days exploring the bonnie Highlands :)

Alan Brown's picture

Great shot Sarunas. I really like the coloring of this.
The contrail is an easy fix, but I do find my eye wanting a touch more in the base.
It looks like you have nice side light from the left but the mountain itself is a little flat. Being careful not to be heavy handed I would try bringing up the highlights where the light is washing the left hand side a little, and perhaps where the light is hitting the base on the right.
That might help keep the eye on the subject and limit the 'pull' created by the lighter areas left & right.

Great image as it is though, I'd love to see if it could be improved. Definitely well worth the effort

Sarunas Tarvydas's picture

The conditions were a bit challenging to be honest, heavy winds and fog constantly rolling in and out. I wish the sky was a bit clearer where the sun was. Thanks for the tips, I'l see what I can do to improve it.

Alan Brown's picture

I hear you Sarunas - especially difficult as you are relying on conditions to be suitable when you get to the point to shoot.
It's a wonderful image as-is, suggestions are purely for something you can try and see if you can squeeze a little more out of it (to suit your own taste).

Edgar Moskopp's picture

a beautiful shot and well worth all the effort you put into it!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Love this one as is, contrail and all. I understand Alan's point about the "pull" of the bright areas laterally, but for me that just makes me peer harder back into the middle, and revel in those gorgeous, subtle, sky-lit textures there.

John Pettigrew's picture

Simply stunning ,but you are living in the most beautiful country in the world, great work and worth the early rise.

Kindred Willow's picture

Awesome photo! The colours in this are excellent!