Suomenlinna Seascapes

These are some photos from back in 2017, just tried some new colour grading style to better match the mod and atmoshpere of the location and season.

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Sarunas Tarvydas's picture

Beautiful shots. Love the composition. Although not sure how I feel about that log in the bottom pic. I probably would have removed it manually before taking the shot.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Hmm... I like the log!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Good images both! Agree with Sarunas (except about the log...), especially regarding good composition in both. Considering the prominence of the log, I find it surprising, but I think the exact same composition would work with or without it. For me it adds a welcome accent, and questions about its origin.

For me the cyan-ish cast is a bit too unnatural, but it's your image. Does call to mind cyanotypes, if that's what you had in mind.

thanks, i personally liked the log. broke up the rocks a bit. yeh perhaps could do with toning down the cyan.

Alan Brown's picture

I like the cyanotype finish to the images - it does impart a sense of gloom which is fitting given the mood of the sky. I like the lead-in -
the steps and lighting on the rocks really lead the viewer through the image.
Lookng to possibilities for improvement, I would remove the braches on the lower left of the frame (being nit-picky here), and the image looks slightly soft to me.

Interesting discussion on #2, which is another well-worked composition. Given the brightness and contrast, I feel the log and bright rocks are forming an anchor to the eye. For me, this forms two competing subjects, with the foreground winning.

I think if you toned down the foreground (perhaps removing the log) I think the image may have a different feel to it, with the eye following the curve of the water's edge to the trees (I would also lighten the rocks here to help act as an anchor).

I think it's one of those images that may work either way, with each way appealing to different viewers - the first presenting an increased element of discord, the second a bit more serene bur remaining dramatic.

I'd love to hear what others think and to see if there is any consensus one way or the other.

thanks so much for the insightful comment. certainly agree with removing the branches.
the log debate rages on, i personally prefer not to disturb the location unless absolutely necessary.

Alan Brown's picture

That's great Andrew - I appreciate that you have such a definite vision for this.

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Wonderful work!
Color grading for the second image is more appropriate, although the first image in terms of composition is much better IMO.