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Bye peeps!

I realized that I've spent way too much time posting on social media so something has to give - I'm pulling out of fstoppers. If you want to keep in touch, drop me a note on thorsten(at)westheider.com - and as always, good light!

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Hope to see you here again, Thorsten

I've enjoyed you analyses. (Doesn't mean I've always AGREED with them...!) You've certainly contributed to critical debate, and been civil. I was hoping to learn more about "visual clues, visual weight, visual interest" but I guess I'll pick it up elsewhere. ;-)

Some of your photos are even OK. ;-)

Wish you well, and good light! :-)

David Russell's picture

Bye Thorsten, sorry to see you go as I've enjoyed looking at your work. Hope you enjoy putting that time to other uses :)

Alan Brown's picture

Bummer, I have enjoyed your insightful comments and work. I hope all works out for you.

David Medeiros's picture

That's too bad (although I understand). FWIW you were one of only a few critical voices around here I pay any attention to. Not that I always agreed with you! But you obviously know your stuff. Enjoy the breather, hope you'll stop back in every once in a while. Cheers.