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A B's picture


Im looking fo some feedback on these images

What did i do right?

Whats can i improve?


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Lionel Fellay's picture

Personnally I don't like these green tones so much (did you had something in mind, when doing surch color grading?), for composition I personnaly prefer the first one.

A B's picture

NOT REALLY, think ill try some colder blue tones

joseph cole's picture

judging from your portfolio these images are consistent with how you edit if your going for a natural look im sure your aware your off target personally i like these images as they give a different feel that most people are afraid to try...i would only make subtle changes to bring out some drama in the mountain on the first shot like below

A B's picture

Ya wow that drama looks way better, Thanks alot

Sean O' Riordan's picture

I would swap out those green tones for some cooler blue ones. That would work well with the snowcapped mountains.

A B's picture

Ya i agree, Ill try that, Thanks alot.

David Pavlich's picture

I like the shots, but as already posted, I would exchange the green for a more blue cast.