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Ryan Hill's picture

Sunset Shoot on the Jurassic Coast

This was taken back in January on my first Photo trip of the new year. Me and another photographer had this place all to ourselves and the sky just lit up!

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joseph cole's picture

nice image i think you could take it a bit further in post but you really did get some great light...just a 5 min goof off but you get a little more out of it

Ryan Hill's picture

Thanks man! i'll have a play around

Scott Steinson's picture

Very nice, Ryan.

Phillip Breske's picture

I really like the composition, but it's a little dark for my taste and the blacks are blocked up something fierce. There is a very strong spike on the left edge of the histogram. While I couldn't recover anything in the blacks, I did pull up the mids a bit to give what I think is a little better tonal balance while still keeping the pre-sunrise (post-sunset?) feeling of the image.

Ryan Hill's picture

Thanks Phillip, I Will have a little play around!

Chris Jablonski's picture

I like this image Ryan! It is very satisfying. Your composition does a beautiful scene justice. I also like Joseph and Phillip's ideas in their different ways; it just illustrates the personal aspect of interpretation, that there is no "right" way. Rather, this image provides the basis for various interpretations. So play around! And maybe keep a few.

I'm reminded of Ansel Adams' analogy that the negative (now RAW or original file) is the score, and the print the performance. Digital images are typically viewed as we are doing here, on screen, while the print is another "performance" (and so far for me entails different processing again).

There is a faint processing halo around that rock pillar and the left skyline, but that's nit-picking.

[Phillip, you don't seem to have noticed 0.2 degrees of clockwise tilt. ;-) ]

Ryan Hill's picture

Thanks a lot Chris, I really like that analogy!

Phillip Breske's picture

I probably missed it due to the slight divergence between the horizon and clouds. Grr.

And that Ansel Adams quote is one of my favorites.

dipta dasgupta's picture

This is so beautiful. Could you please post the original pic as well .