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Always bring a camera

In landscape photography there is a lot of focus on gear. You have to bring a tripod, ND filters, grading filters, full format camera and so on.
My experience is simple. You have to bring a camera!
Many of my pictures is taken on the go, because landscape photography is about being at the right spot at the right time. This is not always easy to predict, so the best way to increase the possibility for that to happen, is to bring a camera whenever you are on the go. Driving, hiking, walking, biking........
This picture wast taken driving over a mountain in Norway near where I live. I had my camera in the backseat, as I allways do when driving, when I saw this snow landscape. I stopped the car, jumpet outside and took som pictures before the light dissapered. My only gear was a Pentax K3 with Pentax 50-135mm, handheld.

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Love this image, Kjell! I am particularly struck by your composition, just to my taste. And the tones and mood you evoke. I'm envious of the landscapes you can have in the cooler regions of the world.

Very nice, and well composed balancing this little shed with the sunlight above, minimal disturbance, great!

Did you try to use something like split toning to make the snow whiter and keep the orange glow of the light?

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I like this shot. Very nice composition. What the exif data for this shot?

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Great image Kjell, well composed, beautiful light and gorgeous tones.. no complaints or suggestions on this one

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Thanks for the feedback.
I have not used split toning, but the picture is composed from 3 photos, -1,5EV, 0EV and +1,5EV.
It´s not composed as a HDR picture, but I have used this to get the best details from the scene. In the clouds I had to use the -1,5EV to avoid burnt out details. In the lowest part I used the +1,5EV to lighten up this part of the picture.
I could probably have used the 0EV raw for the hole scene, but not for the lightest part in the clouds.

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Hope you can handle such harsh critiques, Kjell! ;-)

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Wow! this is a stunning shot! :D
and a great message... always bring your camera! :)

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I love this picture, perfect composition. What you write I completely agree with. Always have a camera with you, not just the phone!

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Great picture. I think it is really interesting when you get this kind of monochromic color naturally. The highlights on the snow are really interesting too.

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My vision...

Kjell Vikestad's picture

I have played with similar colour balance, but each time ended up with the original one, because I think the clouds are more dramatic, «darker» and natural look.
I like your experiment, with a more «dreamy» look.