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Mark Seawell's picture

View from the rim

Dead Horse state park in Utah on a beautiful morning in January...view from the rim.

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EL PIC's picture

Nice view

Mark Seawell's picture

It was a fantastic sight!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Spectacular scene, great light, and well composed, Mark.

Depends on the effect you want, but to me it looks just a bit distractingly unreal. Unlike, say many of Radisa Zivkovic's images, which are clearly pushed in a painterly, interpretive direction, with heavy vignetting, and so on, this image is more typical and photographically "real" in its overall presentation.

However, the colours are so vivid (and that may be accurate), the haze so blue, and the high clouds suspiciously dark, with a suggestion of processing haloes (they could be mist) above some of the ridges and on the left of the tree trunk, that I am left thinking about post-processing more than the beautiful scene.

This is purely subjective. It may reflect what I know creeps in to "post", and does reflect my own prejudices. It is difficult with some of the vivid mineral colours in the southern States (and central Australia) to avoid an impression of overdoing it when you accurately portray reality. So going to the "Red Centre" here is not high on my to-do list.

I don't wish to divert you from pursuing your vision; you have one, and a clear love for your subject matter and the natural world - things well worth celebrating, including photographically.

Joe Scalise's picture

Wow great capture Mark. I am really digging that tree, great subject!

I am going to be in this region in July for vacation, this shot just got me pumped up.

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanks Joe! July will definitely be a challenge because of the heat. I don't know where you'll go but if you are new to the region I strongly urge you to purchase "Photographing the Southwest Vol. 1 - Southern Utah (3rd Edition): A Guide to the Natural Landmarks of Southern Utah Paperback – March 5, 2015
by Laurent Martrès" ...a must and my bible for the the southern Utah and the west.

Shawn Mahan's picture

Mark, I see there are several other volumes for other states. Have you looked through any of those and would you recommend them as well. I am loading up on bucket lists!

Mark Seawell's picture

I have all of them. When I teach my workshops, I always urge my students to invest in this series.

Joe Scalise's picture

Yeah, I am expecting quite a bit of heat, but not concerned by it, I enjoy hot temps, and I am planning for it accordingly. We will be out there for 10 or so days, road tripping the northern parts of Arizona and New Mexico, and the southern parts of Utah and Colorado.

Thanks for the book tip, will definitely look into it. I just don't want to waste my time going where (and shooting where) most tourists go.

Shawn Mahan's picture

Wow! What a view and great capture. What were your lens settings on this one?

Elizabeth Yorick's picture

Excellent job Mark!! I saw further down in the comments that you were looking for places to photograph in southern Utah, etc. that's not so touristy. I'll give you a couple hints - at least in southern Utah. Our favorite thing to do is grab a map and follow our noses so we go way off the beaten paths. There's all kinds of trails that take you to the backside's of the parks and other scenic areas.

"Toroweap Point" - https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g143028-d143488-Reviews-To... Toroweap overlooks part of the Grand Canyon. I haven't been there for several years, there were no safety railings or anything like that, so just be aware. Also, take an extra spare tire. The dirt road is rutted and can have pointy rocks.

"Kaibab Plateau's Lefevre Overlook on Highway 89A" which is supposed to show the Grand Staircase. I haven't been here yet, we'll be going in a few weeks. https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g60936-d13545435-i30...

Kolob Canyons is considered part of Zion's but there's several roads/trails that go up area's that aren't filled with tourists. Hope this helps.

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanks Elizabeth! I do appreciate the info.