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High In the Andes .. High Altitude Landscape

High in the Andes at 10000 feet ...
High Altitude Landscape Photography is Different !!
The air is thinner cleaner and colors render differently. Outer Space is closer note the sky.

Get Out There and Up There ...

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Mark Seawell's picture

Gorgeous composition and spectacular landscape!

EL PIC's picture

At 10000 feet it’s like heaven

Shawn Mahan's picture

Wow! Great shot! Did you happen to use an adjustment brush to darken the exposure on the clouds? I see a tad bit of dark sky at the very edges.

EL PIC's picture

No adjustments

EL PIC's picture

The sky is different at 10000 feet. The air is thinner and outer space is closer. It is also cleaner and you should see the awesome night sky ..

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I also want to get high like you

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Nuts should be in trees