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Idan Livni's picture

Any thoughts ?

I'd love to get some feedback.

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Francisco B's picture

Nicely done. Compositionally this would improve with some leading lines. My eyes aren't drawn in anywhere in particular.

joseph cole's picture

something like this

Dylan Zoebelein's picture

I dig the tighter crop.

Idan Livni's picture

Thanks guys why you gave me some inspiration for something a bit different

Robert Tran's picture

Based on your portfolio, it's obvious you know what you're doing Idan. This was probably just one of those scenes that looked awesome in person, but was really tough to capture. In terms of salvaging the shot, I'd fill the frame and lose the moon. Make it about the details and textures.

Idan Livni's picture

Definitely so, when I parked next to this amazing thing I was blown away

Phillip Breske's picture

Agreed. This scene has some amazing textures. I would break it down to those.

Chris Jablonski's picture

I'd do that as well. A lot.

Chris Jablonski's picture

I like this image just fine as is, Idan! Can't agree with any of the earlier posts about your composition (although I usually DO agree with these guys!).

I'm never quite sure what "leading lines" really means, but to my eye, as you've framed this image, the line of the edge of the ice emerging from the bottom right corner leads my eye into all the beautiful colours & textures of the glacier & mountain, and then the soft sky above. I love your rich but natural colours. The only thing I'd have liked different is for the moon to be closer to the left edge, but that was God's call, not yours! And i'd never move it via cloning.

I find this a really enjoyable, "wish I'd taken that!" image.

Idan Livni's picture

Thanks you Chris for the feedback

Ruth Carll's picture

Agreed Chris - I wouldn't touch it. It is gorgeous as is.

Shawn Mahan's picture

I think it is a great picture. There are a lot of textures, but I like everything that is going on. I think this might have been an equally interesting picture if you had turned the camera 90 degrees. ??