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Mark Guinn's picture

Beauty down in the weeds

I found this weird little weed out in the yard this morning as I was wandering around looking for wild flowers. Something about the contrasting colors, and especially that magenta/purple and gold, just grabbed my attention.

As always, CC is greatly appreciated!

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Ruth Carll's picture

Hey Mark, Love your portfolio. This image seems like a new direction. That is always fun!

Technically, this is nicely done. I'd like to see it have more breathing room though. If you cropped to this, I'd would suggest bringing it back out a bit. I think texture shots look better when there is more "not texture" space to counterbalance it.

Looking forward to more from you!

Mark Guinn's picture

Thanks, Ruth! This is kind of a new direction for me... a lot of it was just a need to get out in the yard yesterday to find something different. As for the crop, I was able to add a little to the sides per your suggestion. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough room on the top of the photo to move out more.


Ruth Carll's picture

Yes - it is amazing what a little extra room will do. People often forget that plants follow the same rules as animals in photographs. The same photographer that will offset a bird so that it provides the negative space for him to "fly into" or the horse leaving him negative space to "run into" will put a flower dead center of the frame. The better botanical photographs also leave room for the flower to open, seeds to fly off, bee to land, .... You get the point. Leave some more room for action to occur and even your botanicals will have stories!

Hope to see more soon!

Mark Guinn's picture

Thank you! BTW, I noticed in your profile that you're a botanist... Any idea what this weed is? I have a few in the yard, but have no idea what to call it.

Ruth Carll's picture

As a matter of fact I do - almost. It is Cirsium of some local variety. Cirsium are just thistles. I'd have to see more of the plant to get more specific.