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Mark Seawell's picture

Fantasy light

Moody moments close to the town of Hasbach in Germany. Light and mist combine to create..fantasy light.

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Alan Brown's picture

I love the mood you have created here Mark. The dark branches at the edge of the frame really draw you through to the light, and mystery beyond.

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanks Alan! I was a mystic morning for sure.

Ruth Carll's picture

This is awesome! My new favorite. Do you have a website Mark?

Mark Seawell's picture

Just google Mark Seawell Photography. You'll also find/follow me on FB and Instagram!

Ruth Carll's picture

Beautiful site Mark! Your holding out on us with the color work!

Joe Scalise's picture

Excellent capture, bravo

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanks Joe! Typical German morning in my neck of the woods (pun intended!)