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Štefan Condík's picture

From dusk till dawn

Me and my buddy hiked to one of the highest peaks in mountains called Vysoke Tatry in central Europe and spent approximately 12 hours to witness the beauty of nature. 4 shots capture 4 different moments "from dusk till dawn".

I hope you enjoy the series.

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Alan Brown's picture

What a wonderful series Stefan - each a winner in its own right. Just being there must have been a fantastic experience.

Great work!

Štefan Condík's picture

thank you very much Alan. It was a superb show.
I only wish I would have the idea to create a series before shooting - I could create one unified composition and stick to that.

Ruth Carll's picture

I agree! I particularly like the first and last one but all are fantastic! Well done Stefan!

Ruth Carll's picture

PS - This group will only thrive if everyone participates. I would encourage you to join in the conversation. Critiquing develops our eyes to then critique our own work better and it helps everyone grow. My motto is "the rising tide raises all boats". I encourage everyone to join in helping us all improve. Or - sometimes a "great job" is enough!

graemegauge's picture

Beautiful captures, always enjoy impressions from the Tatra range.
Great work, keep going!

Štefan Condík's picture

Thank you very much :)

Francisco B's picture

That must have been an amazing experience, great captures. I like the 4th composition, good use of leading lines, the lens flare is a bit obtrusive for my preference. I like the sky from the first image, with the red accent on the mountain peak.

Štefan Condík's picture

Thank you Francisco, I appreciate a lot your feedback.

Robert Tran's picture

Beautiful conveyance of scale, detail, and light, Stefan. Gratz on a successful hike & shoot.

Štefan Condík's picture

thanks Robert. The way down was a bit scary (thanks to me being stupid) and could end not very successfuly, but we managed it somehow :D

Przemek Lodej's picture

Absolutely spectacular. My former backyard Tatry. Great job. Colors, light...just beautiful.

Štefan Condík's picture

Thank you so much. Tatry are great, offering great opportunities.

joseph cole's picture

fantastic adventure definitely portfolio worthy shots nice job with the editing as well

Štefan Condík's picture

Thank you very much, we got quite lucky, but the conditions could be even better - some dramatic clouds in the morning, or inversion fog...maybe next time :)

Chris Jablonski's picture

Well done! Beautiful series, Štefan! A lot of effort involved. Good on you. Really enjoyable.

Štefan Condík's picture

Thank you very much :)

Nathan Vivis's picture

I am a little late to the party, but amazing photos. I look forward to seeing more of your work!