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An African sunset

Sunsets in Africa are quite dramatic - the colours change every few seconds and they are simply lovely to capture
I have two versions - one with the tree centered and the other has the tree off-center

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Thanks very much William

Kjell Vikestad's picture

Nice picture with warm colours in the sky. I'm not sure if I like the senter position of the big tree, but its a beautiful scenery.

Ruth Carll's picture

Agreed. But i love the alignment of the three trees. I think if you cropped this in the gap between the two shrubs on the right this image would go from good to great. You could add a crop to the original post which would let them be viewed side by side. It would be great to see!

Nice work Ram!

Thanks very much for the feedback Ruth - i was torn between keeping the tree in the center and pushing it off-center. I must try the crop like you suggested.

Ruth Carll's picture

Love the second image!!

Thanks for the feedback Kjell - appreciate it. I must try the crop to get the tree off-center

Shawn Mahan's picture

Great picture and it definitely screams Africa. I am looking at the tree and see a bit of a halo. Were you using a brush to bring up the exposure of the tree since it was backlit? If so, look to use a masking feature to only affect the tree and not the sky.

Thanks very much for the feedback Shawn. I did not use a brush. I lifted shadows globally in Luminar

Shawn Mahan's picture

I only use Lightroom. Maybe there is something similar. ?

Ruth Carll's picture

Thanks for the tip Shawn. It helped me too!