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Thijs Peters's picture

Critiques/Ratings wanted


I just uploaded a couple of new photographs to my profile. Unfortunately I didnt get much critiques last time I uploaded. I would be happy to get some critiques/ratings😄

I will also give some ratings back😁 (if wanted)


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Francisco B's picture

This is a nice vantage point and obviously a striking location. The immediate issue is that the clouds are so heavy that it takes away from the impact the peaks in the background could have.

I took a look at your other shots, lots of good stuff. You've been all over the world, I'm jealous :)

Ruth Carll's picture

Hi Thijs - I love your stuff! You portfolio is beautiful. This great image is no surprise then. My only thought about this one is that I would pull back on the vignette. I don't think it helps the image and it adds a storminess to the clouds which leads to an ominous feeling. Or - maybe this is the goal? Either way, this is a great shot!

Brian G's picture

I deffinately agree with pulling back the vignette buy I'm liking the stormy look. I think the peak is framed well in the clouds. Its shape is still well defined. I think loosing the vignette would make a good shot great.

James Parker's picture

Vignette is way too heavy and I'm not sure if the city in the foreground or the peak hidden in the clouds is the subject. The light isn't that flattering at the moment and the clouds are a bit much. Maybe if they were over part of the ruins as well? I realize you have no control over the clouds, but sometimes we wait and get nothing, or wait and are rewarded.

David Perman's picture

I understand the struggle of getting ratings. The Fstoppers team needs to encourage users to rate images as much as possible. It takes little time but really helps everyone. Speaking of which, I would like some ratings on my own work.

Ruth Carll's picture

I agree ... mostly. The rating system needs to be simplified though. And people should be able to have some control of what is left on their profiles. As a moderator, i get hit about once every 1 to 2 weeks with someone who "1s" or "2s" my entire profile. It is very juvenile but there you have it.

I visit a lot of profiles but my belief is that, if i dont like it, i just don't rate it. I only give 4s and 5s. I expect people to understand that their images that don't get rated aren't successful without having to have a 1 or 2 stuck to their work. Plus, if i did give someone a low rating, id have to ecplain it.

This is just my thinking. Since the rating sysyem is so subjective it is hard to tell what others think/do.

David Perman's picture

I think your right. Explaining how to improve an image through words can be much more effective than simply leaving a one or two star rating. I do, however, see value in getting a three star. it has let me know I need to either look for a mistake I might have missed or change the color grade.

Chris Jablonski's picture

I'm (too?) fond of a vignette myself, Thijs, but I agree with the others that it's overdone here, and draws attention to itself. Also, agree with James about waiting (if it were possible) for the clouds to reveal the peak itself, or at least more of it..Without so much vignette, it's a fundamentally good shot to my eye.