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Reflections in mountain lake

This is a sunrise shot from beautiful Savoi Alps. Mont Blanc ridge reflected in Lac de Chesery. It is a panorama from 5 vertical shots with exposure bracketing (so 10 shots).

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You caught some beautiful light Stefan and that reflection is damn close to mirror quality. Did you happen to use a polarizer? I can only see a hint of a rock in the lower right. Nice shot!!

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Hi Joseph, thank you very much. No, no polarizer - I don´t own any that would be suitable for my Tamron 15-30 and to be hones, polarizers and panoramas are not always best friends so I am not even trying to buy one.
Unfortunately, there was very little wind, so moved a water just a tiny bit.

Alex Harrison's picture

Really stunning, love it!

Štefan Condík's picture

Thank you very much Alex!

Przemek Lodej's picture

Stunning shot, absolutely gorgeous.

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thank you Przemek, I appreciate your kind words :)