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debating with myself over this one

This shot looked fantastic on site it had nice natural framing, light, elements to guide the eye through the scene...but is it the right focal length.
I rented and experimented with a full frame camera for the first time, theD750. It was an absolute joy to work with. i rented it from lensrentals.com, not a sales pitch but their customer service was AWESOME!!! but i digress...
So most of my images are more dramatic maybe a little bit more strong angled but this was just one that i had to shoot. Its a 50mm pano of something like 7/8 images. Is it lacking to your eyes or to detached from one element to the next? All cc is appreciated.

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EL PIC's picture

Not much to debate ..
It’s OK but kinda dark and distant.
Always best to shoot this kind of site with 2 Focal Lengths..

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I have yet to try and blend focal lengths guess I’ll make that my next test.. thanks for the input.

Brian G's picture

I really like it. The perspective is maybe a little distant but the leading lines of the stream connected to the log takes your eyes right to the falls. Really like the colors and shading. Maybe a little more exposure in the foreground would be beneficial.

joseph cole's picture

Thanks Brian much appreciated.

Ray Zee's picture

I think the pano and the focal length is okay, but what's not working here is the composition, imo. The flow of water and the log leads the eye away from the waterfall, and that makes the image weaker. For a better compo, the leading lines should take you to the main subject, or at least shouldn't take you away from it.

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I see what you’re saying thanks Ray

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Very busy but interesting. This type of shot would work well as part of a set.

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Thanks a ton Francisco!!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Interesting, Joseph. Love that lush foliage - is it where you live, or is it J Cole? Yes, it's not quite right in composition, unusually for you. At first glance, I think the falls should be further left. For me, that foreground log is a slightly jarring element, with its strong diagonal not harmonising with other elements. And in this case, the tonal contrasts, something you usually employ to excellent dramatic effect, are unsettling. Maybe they work better in your typical "strong angled" images, whereas this is more like a typical large format image, which often tend to be more understated and inviting quiet reflection, when high tonal contrasts can be too distracting.

Why the pano? Is it effectively a wide-angle image done with a vertically-oriented 50mm lens panned horizontally? If so, why not use your 14mm?

And I'm glad to know lensrentals.com provide costumes as well. Did you get camo, or an Ansel Adams outfit with beard? ;-)

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Leave it to you and Phillip to find typos lol

joseph cole's picture

sorry i couldn't answer in detail yesterday I'm on vacation with the family. yes i like doing 50mm panos not only because of the amount of detail that the 50mm picks up but to compress the scene so that the elements in the photo do seem so far apart this shot could have probably been compressed even further to possibly 85/120 mm to cut the distance. Yes you are correct in that this is not typical for me to shoot but if you don't try something new you just won't grow succeed/ fail you are learning, improving and working to better yourself.

Michael Borisenko's picture

Interesting. Did you apply an orton or similar effect? My eyes are constantly trying to focus when I look at the full-sized image.

Composition-wise, I'd like to see the whole waterfall without that obstructing tree, if it was possible at all. The right side of the image with the tree branches isn't too interesting but it feels like it dominates the waterfall. The stream and the log in the foreground create a very strong leading line but it leads away from the waterfall.

Overall it feels like there's a better view if the camera were put right into the stream in front of this foreground log, but it's only my guess as I don't know the location.

joseph cole's picture

Yes Michael i did use a 20% orton on this basically on all my shots just because i am first and foremost a painter and it gives me the painterly quality that i love. Th obstructions were a difficult task to work around and it honestly was a tough decision which side of the trees to shoot from i chose this side for framing and the angle of the log and creek leading into the scene. Absolutely correct the obvious shot would have been up close and personal but i was trying to convey a sense of the whole area and experience that i had while hiking the area, i suppose it has come out as a nice moment of reflection for myself and i am completely fine with that.

Sue G's picture

I find it dark and a bit distracting but very peaceful.
My eye is torn between the highlight water at center and at lower left.
I think it better with only the center highlight water.
There is also some dark verticle object in the center I dont think belongs there

joseph cole's picture

Thanks you Sue the vertical object in the falls ? Or off the log? The falls is the actual rock face the pointed object is a broken branch off the fallen tree