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Sunset at Topeka Beach, New Zealand

Another from my recent trip to New Zealand. I found this tidal sea cave while scrambling around on the rocks and was fortunate that the tide was moving out for my duration in it.

Any feedback or critique to improve is always appreciated!


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A beautiful image of what must be a starkly beautiful place, Chad. I particularly like your composition. There is a primeval feel to the whole image. Good job!

Perhaps - and I'm really not sure - if you lightened the rocks very slightly, especially at top, it'd be easier to "read" their appealing textures without spoiling the mood of the whole.

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Hey Chris, Yeah I have been toying with that a little. the upper left unfortunately had a really bad flare from the sun that I was able to keep at bay in the darks but it means that area is really pretty void of detail after cleaning. Even so, there was not much there on the roof. I worry if I bring up the frame right that it will become a little uneven though and make the left seem even more out of place.

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Quit while ahead, perhaps... It's good as is. Just wondered.

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Lovely, moody image.

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Thanks very much!